The Rumblings of Spring are Coming | Plans Are Afoot

As I take our five month old ever-growing puppy Nina out for her daily walks, and breathe in the cold, crisp air; and as I marvel continuously at how utterly stunning this landscape I call home is – I am reminded how grateful I am for this winter.


There have been many, many reasons to feel glum with the state of the world of late.
Many reasons to stick your head in the sand and hope it looks a little less bleak when you peep out again.


But that’s not me.  That’s not where the path I’ve taken so far leads me to.
I can’t just ignore it all, give in and listen to the sadness, hate, fear, greed and disrespect that is stiflingly apparent on our little orb.

My newly sharpening senses are picking up on the trickle-charge of positivity when it seems that there is none.
Learning the principles of Permaculture pointed out to me the broader, repetitive, natural path that things inevitably take.

This thing succeeds that thing.
This branch deviates at this angle, from this point and in this new direction.
This pattern is stronger as a collective whole, rather than being fragile and weakened when alone.
This system is bigger than I could even comprehend and is ever growing, changing, rerouting and repairing.

As the wild wind blows, the icy sleet stings my face and the days slowly stretch and let a little more light in.
And, as the days graciously and dutifully offer to hold back the darkness bit by bit, tiny shoots begin to poke their newness out from the cold soil.
Rebirth occurs, awakening begins. Imbolc marks the tentative steps onto ground.


By some joyous alignment and the favour of good fortune, our quest for a little slice of this heavenly part of the world; on which to set up our own Permaculture-led home, build our tiny home, generate some of our own energy and love the planet and our fellow inhabitants a little more.. magically and beautifully coincidentally leads us to one of the spots where I first felt life, felt alive, and began to set off on my own path as a (difficult!!) teenager.

That is truly all we can say now…but it would appear that we’ve located a path – and we’re working on navigating it, making it tread-able and walking out hand-in-hand into the sunshine with excitement.



More to follow soon with details, photos and news, but until everything is sign and sealed we’re keeping schtum!



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