Winter in Donegal | Reflections and Thoughts

This Winter, So Far…

It’s been a tough and difficult year…yet there is something so healing and wonderful about being able to sense the majesty and magic of one’s surroundings – allowing it to extend inside, locate the sadness, frustration and complex networks of negativity; and begin to soothe, reframe and mend one’s very soul.


We talk continually about our plans, our journey, our hopes and desires.

We make ‘action plans’ – lists of things to cross-off as the days and weeks pass; in order to see the steps we’re taking in the right direction.


Every day I stop, breathe and admire the beauty which surrounds me.


Every day I am humbled by the landscape – putting perspective in my problems, worries and concerns and nourishing and feeding my whole.


My Love, and my new Puppy – Nina – mean that every day I must venture out into Nature, see the low Wintry light and smell the exposed earth and the mulching soil.


Seeing Nina grow almost before our very eyes reminds me that time can pass so fleetingly. Blink, and it’s gone. Pause too long, and things may change without affording you the time to savour the moment and save it to memory.


Amidst days were we worry about money, about whether our dreams and plans are ever going to come to fruition, where we admonish ourselves for ever believing we  could achieve them… we still take longer walks, hikes and camp-out when we can.
Pointing-out to each other the dramatic curve of a stream, the hue of the heather, the dappled shimmering light as it picks out the features on the hills.


The drama, vastness, history and sheer splendour of the landscape hushes our beavering qualms, and pacifies our furrowed brows.
Replacing it, instead, with renewed confidence, strength and awe.

The world still turns, the rains still fall and night creeps across the land to repeat, repeat, repeat.


All is well.


Believe in it; Succumb to it; Revere it…
Nature is truly the tonic for ills and always maintaining a viable and mutual connection to it will carry you through.



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