Craft Fairs & Jewellery Design |Studio Life

I’ve been pretty enthused about spending time in the Studio designing and making jewellery again… it feels really great to get back into it!

In the lead up to the festive season, I even managed to get myself sorted out and hold a stand at a few craft fairs; which enabled me to restock and buy more materials for further designs.

I have been putting the feelers out and getting an idea of how/where/when it might be possible to sell my work on a more regular basis, and also spoken to a few fellow makers in the area about perhaps collaborating and getting something along the lines of an Arts & Crafts Pop-Up organised.

When making jewellery I like to use found objects, recycle and salvage old, broken jewellery and reuse previous pieces for newer purposes; and had the really delightful experience at a fair of a woman who happened to have one of her favourite beaded earrings with her – having lost the matching earring from the set.
As I had my making tools with me at the time, I was able to re-make it into a pendant for her; which she was overjoyed about…which in-turn made me overjoyed too!

There’s something so special about being able to talk  about my work with people browsing buyers at fairs and shows – so I really hope the pop-up or regular fair idea comes together.

Do any of you dear readers have any thoughts, tips, ideas or suggestions for a group of rural makers and crafters? Do you run a Pop-Up? How does it work for you?

Til next time… xX


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