An Update | Where We’re At

An Update | Where We’re At

So, it’s been a little over 5 months since I left the South-East of England to return home to Co. Donegal, Ireland with my silly fat cat and my Love to begin the journey to building our own Tiny Home and live a simpler life.

It feels like almost the same time since I’ve updated you, dear readers, as to where we’re at, what we’re up to and where in the heck this Tiny Home is?!

Our journey towards a Tiny Home has become a little beset by obstacles – some challenges and hurdles to jump before we can get off to a running start; first and foremost – namely, the fact that planning restrictions here in Co. Donegal are SUPER strict and we are sadly no longer able to utilise the family site we’d hoped to park our home.

It should be said, however, that sometimes challenges and pauses in your timeframe can lead to new ideas, re-imaginings and further consideration on things previously skipped over.

In addition, it has given us time to focus on other things – my Love is going hammer and tongs setting up his woodworking and guitar-making workshop, I’ve been able to complete my Permaculture Design Certificate (which I wrote about in a previous post here).
We’ve been able to also reconnect with family and friends old and new; to forge new business/work-related relationships and most deliciously, to explore this beautiful county, some photos of which I’ve included here.
This was a full-day hike though the Poisoned Glen in Dunlewey (ironically, the start of this trail is a matter of meters from our original site where we’d planned to park our Tiny Home!)

We’re exploring alternatives to a standard tow-able Tiny Home; looking at perhaps buying some low-grade marginal land and becoming stewards of a piece of this gorgeous landscape…

Planting Irish Native trees, increasing biodiversity, growing food, creating shelter and observing nature day-by-day are part of our daily discussions; and it’s really rather wonderful.
Updates on all of this will come as they unfold…but for now, thanks for sticking with us. xX


2 thoughts on “An Update | Where We’re At

  1. Do you know of Bealtaine Cottage? Also in Ireland, near Sligo I believe. Colette keeps a great blog about the 3 acres she developed from fields of rushes to a thriving ecosystem, all with 12 years. Your plan sounds fantastic, good luck!

    • Hi Alana!
      Yes, Colette is based in Co. Roscommon – I haven’t met her or visited (the general public are not permitted, as I understand it) but she has created a beautiful and abundant place from very marginal common Irish land. Quite an inspirational feat!
      Thanks for your well-wishings – we’ll hopefully get there sooner or later! Take care, Sarah

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