The Inshriach Bothy | Off-Grid Minimalism in Scotland

The Inshriach Bothy | Off-Grid Minimalism in Scotland

I came across this utterly beautiful off-grid Bothy this evening, and while I *reaaaalllyyy* should be packing-up and cleaning my flat, as I vacate Brighton to move back to Ireland to begin my own Small-Home/Simpler-Life dream with my Love… I really thought it deserved to be shared!
So, I’ve made a cup of tea, am fighting with Dear Judith the cat for space among the chaos of boxes, and thought I’d post these details.
(Also, as my Love is all-the-way across the world in Canada – this is a nice way for sharing it with him, too… Hi! *waves*…)

For those who are unsure; a “Bothy” is the term used primarily in Scotland for a mountain refuge or hut – usually used by shepherds out tending to their sheep in remote areas. They are also used by hill walkers and hikers to bed-down for the night or escape harsh or sudden onset inclemency; and for this reason they are more often left unlocked, sometimes with a few basic provisions left inside for whomever may need them.

This brings up a lovely memory for me of a school trip I took aged around 14, where we went to stay at Rua Reidh Lighthouse…and during a long trek across the landscape, we stopped in to such a bothy to catch our breath and eat our packed lunches. I remember being not only amazed at this little structure sitting quietly in the wind and elements, awaiting the company of weary travellers or farmers; but the beauty and simplicity found in this basic building.

Anyway…I digress…back to THIS bothy in particular!

I visited the website for The Inshriach Bothy where it’s conception, fabrication and purposed is beautifully explained.

“The Inshriach Bothy is a modern off-grid, live/work space designed specifically for artist residencies. The bothy was built as a part of the RSA Residencies for Scotland 2011, fabricated in residence at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and then transported to Inshriach Estate, 4 miles from Aviemore where it sits on the banks of the river Spey within a traditional Scottish woodland area of the Cairngorms National Park.”

“The Bothy is comfortable and warm, insulated with sheep’s wool and heated using a wood-burning stove. Facilities include a library, desk, mezzanine double bed, kitchenette, wood-burning stove with oven, rainwater harvesting system, outdoor suspended bag shower heated by stove, composting toilet (deluxe), solar panel lighting system, solar panel phone charger, and a solar/wind-up radio and torch”.

“The studio space consists of wall space 2x2m and a floor space of 1.5x2m. The space is ideal for painting, drawing, reading, thinking, and small-scale sculptural work: bricolage, wood carving etc.”


There are so many features about this gorgeous little house/studio that I adore!

I love (as any regular perusal of my blog will know!) the use of plywood ❤

I love the darker-toned floor and overall mix of colours and tones, textures and surfaces.

I love the mix of corrugated metal and wood cladding on the exterior…especially the door!

I love the wood shuttering on the interior of the windows.

I love the location, and the floor-to-ceiling windows giving snapshots of a view of the surroundings… I can imagine that this is a truly beautiful and magical place from which visiting artists, writers, designers and similar can glean inspiration.

I urge you to head over to their website to find out more… especially about the fabrication and also the build process as well as to see more shots of the finished Bothy in all its understated, elegant beauty.


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