And so it begins….


Our plans to go Tiny, off-grid and low-impact are really starting to kick into gear now!

  • I am leaving my job in 12 days
  • I am leaving my flat in 29 days
  • I have paid off all my bills, cancelled credit, and scheduled my services to stop on the day I leave
  • I have booked the ferry from the UK to Ireland to take me, my fatty catty Judith and my van-load of possessions *home*
  • I have ordered our Solar Panel / Wind Turbine energy kit
  • I have ordered out Hot Water Heater, 12v Water Pump, and a few other sundries such as buckets for the composting toilet
  • I am now packing boxes to take, selling-off and getting rid of all my “stuff”
  • I left my Love in Canada where he’s working for the next few months to raise a bit more money

I can barely wait for the next stage….the following installment…the ensuing chapter of this story.

I’m looking forward to the hard work, the effort, head-scratching and problem solving required to allow this future to unfold.

From my other blog….

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