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I love this!

South African Sarah Collins’ concept and invention is to make the process of cooking much less lengthy and time consuming, therefore empowering and freeing its users up to devote their efforts and attention to further enrich their lives through education, enterprise and other better uses of their time.
Not only this, but it helped boost incomes for low-earning families reliant on cooking to bring in much needed money to survive.

According to Sarah’s bio on the Wonderbag site, she
“…brought her first bag to a grandmother she knew who cared for nine orphans. The woman earned a meager living selling food that she cooked all day over a wood fire, but still struggled to meet her family’s basic needs. The tarpaulin where they lived was always full of smoke. The kids weren’t in school, because they had to spend their days gathering firewood. “I said to her, ‘I’ll live with you while we see whether this works.’ But she got the idea right away,” says Sarah. “Their lives were completely changed. Within three months, the children only needed to gather firewood once a week, and they were all in school. They had money for shoes. It was a catalyst out of poverty for them.”



There is just something about the taste of food cooked in a Wonderbag. Something that no conventional cooking can capture. Something that creates a combination of succulent dishes.


Wonderbag is a simple but revolutionary non-electric heat-retention cooker. It continues to cook food that has been brought to the boil by conventional methods for up to 12 hours without the use of additional fuel.


The Wonderbag keeps food and beverages cold. Freeze it, bag it, store it, serve it.


And that’s not even the best thing about it.

For every Wonderbag purchased a donation is made to the Wonderbag Foundation who donate a bag to a family in need in Africa.

The Wonderbag site gives the following 10 excellent uses for your little insulated marvel…


  1. SAVE TIME: Cook when you have time and eat when you are ready – not when the food is ready.
  2. ANY TIME: The food can’t burn or dry out, it simply continues to cook, meats tenderize and flavours develop.
  3. DELICIOUS: The Longer you leave it cooking, the better it tastes.
  4. OUTDOOR GOURMET: Take your Wonderbag on your next camping or RV trip to cook amazing meals with little fuel while you enjoy the great outdoors.
  5. PORTABLE: It’s perfect for picnics and taking meals to friends – bring your meal ready to share and eat – piping hot!
  6. PARTNER RUNNING LATE? Keep tonight’s dinner in the Wonderbag to keep it fresh and hot.
  7. HUNGRY NOW? To eat when you get in, simply prepare the night before, or in the morning and just reheat and serve.  A nutritious meal is ready in minutes.
  8. INSULATION: The Wonderbag keeps things cold too, so it’s a great farmers market or supermarket companion to keep your groceries cold or frozen while travelling.
  9. NOT JUST A SLOW COOKER: It’s a great YOGURT maker, RICE cooker and BREAD ‘prover’.
  10. CHANGES LIVES: For every Wonderbag bought a donation is made to the Wonderbag Foundation who distribute Wonderbags to families in need, in Africa.

Yaaaaaas! Want want want!


6 thoughts on “Wonderbag | Yaaaaaas! Want want want!

  1. Those bags are very useful, we use ours all the time. Put all of the ingredients in, bring to the boil, put in the bag, come back a few hours later, and ready to eat!

    • Hi Steve! Thanks for dropping by – yes they seem *amazing*! I love the ethos and concept of the initiative, too. I’ll definitely be getting one when my budget allows for it!
      NB: I’ve added some more info to this article should anyone be interested to know any further details 🙂

  2. BTW, the bags are quite easy to make if you are handy with a sewing machine. It is basically an inner and an outer bag, filled with those polystyrene balls that you use for packing or insulation. You could probably make one from two pillow cases inside each other, with a drawstring on the top.

    • Yes you’re right; or perhaps reused foil-backed bubble wrap, too – however I like the ethos and initiative of the Wonderbag – and the fact that one is donated for every one purchased. I guess I feel that while making things yourself, and being as self-sufficient as possible across the board is the best case scenario; some purchases can be mindful and contribute to a greater common good 🙂

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