Truth | Path | Self

Truth | Path | Self

We were talking last night about our plans to move back to the country, build ourselves a simple cabin (a wee Tiny House on wheels!) …to slow our paces a bit and cultivate a more considered way of life.

While we obviously are excited about a new departure and spending time working out how we navigate our daily lives, creating new rhythms and not having to be tied to working ALL the hours just to make enough to cover rent, bills and taxes; we are both aware that it will be quite a process!

We looked back at our lives, from school to the present and thought about how we’ve always felt “slow”. And I mean in terms of pace – I’m not being derogatory or using a really horrendous slur – I mean…we were each slow.

As He said, “I was always the last kid, STILL eating his sandwich by the end of the lunch hour at school…who had loads of homework because I couldn’t manage to write the ONE paragraph that was required of me”
That was also me, too. I have this one image ingrained in my memory where as a class we were writing a poem about Autumn; and after over an hour all I had was one word.


…and the rest of the page was blank.
As we talked a little more, I wondered if perhaps this was maybe more as a result of having to “fit” into an external, constructed schedule – be it school, college/university, working a job…whatever.
There is surely an element of that which is just the difficulty in having to flex, bend and shape yourself into a preset working format – which may not align with one’s own natural rhythm, pace and methodologies.

It’s hard not to feel like a spoiled, privileged oaf – whining about having to work to pay bills, of course! I suppose perhaps the journey that artists/creatives need to tread and navigate is beset with pangs of guilt, shame and self-loathing feelings of selfishness.

This will be the test, I’d wager. Taking the first steps on to a new path are hard…but learning to live the journey you then take is the ongoing trial.


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