The Poisoned Glen | Donegal, Eire


The poison glen, Glenveagh national park, Co.Donegal, Ireland

This is right next to were our wee house’ll be in Dunlewey!

Though the Poisoned Glen isn’t actually IN Glenveagh N.P. – it’s right next to it 🙂

The name ‘the Poisoned Glen’ is probably a mistranslation of the Irish name.  In earlier days locals would have only spoken Irish and they called this place ‘Gleann Nemhe’ ~ The Heavenly Glen.  The name in Irish for heaven is Neamh and the word for poison in Irish is neimhe ~ just one letter difference so it is easy to see how the words may have been mixed up when translated to English.  At any rate, the name Heavenly Glen so much better describes this beautiful place.


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