The £1,000.00 Tiny Cabin

The £1,000.00 Tiny Cabin

Yes! If they can build this in the UK for a little over £1k, then I fully believe we can build our tiny home for our current approximate budget of €8,000.00 back in Ireland!

Kyra’s parents have a large farm in Hereford, here in the UK and she and her partner Christian are parking-up int his little beauty whilst they save for a more permanent home.
Similarly, our creation will be sited on (a MUCH smaller) patch of land owed by my mother and stepfather for a few years until we make further plans.

I really like the fact that many of the materials are salvaged scrap and reclaimed/repurposed items. Though the aesthetic of bare OSB internally might not tickle everyone’s fancy (it doesn’t do it for me) I love the honesty of the materials used here. We’re also plumping for OSB as well as plywood, and plan to keep the nicest parts of the plywood on show – but will be painting, coating, cladding and covering the OSB which I find ever so “rough and ready” for what we’re hoping to achieve in terms of a cosy, clean living space.

We also love the wood and metal mix – and are really quite enamoured with the stained, discoloured and rusted sections of the external cladding.
All-in-all I really think this is an immensely impressive achievement, not least for the ingenuity shown and for the amazingly tiny budget! Some wonderful design, creative thinking and heaps of can-do attitude has all come together into a bloody inspiring project.

I am ashamed to say this was first spotted in the Daily Mail (shudder) – though in my defence, I came across is after googling “recycled cabin”! They have a blog here, too.

There is also an episode of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces – if you are in the UK you can watch it on 4OD via the link provided; if not… well, it’s Series 5 Ep.7 “A Home Made of Scrap”. Good luck finding it!


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