BROCKLOCH BOTHY | Eco Retreat in Scotland


There are *so* many things about the aesthetic in this beautiful little Scottish house that we love!

Not only it’s main-feature of the plywood, beautifully demarcated by block tones of colour; but the LIGHT! Gorgeous light pouring in through floor-to-ceiling windows bringing the outside in to the living space.

It also ticks the off-grid box to my delight, too!

According to the owners of this rentable holiday accommodation;
“Brockloch Bothy is a contemporary micro timber framed building which has been sympathetically designed to complement its surroundings. The Bothy is accessed via a farm track (non tarmac) and is signposted up through a bluebell wood out into an open field, grazed by our own black faced sheep.”

Though I wouldn’t call it a “bothy” in the strictest sense, (a bothy being a simple shelter used mainly by shepherds and walkers/hikers) – I think I would more likely term it an eco-cabin; but I can see the desire by the owners to harken back to a concept and “sense” within the local vernacular.

Also mindful of the ecological responsibilities forgotten by so many when building, the owners George and Julie ensured that the following “Eco Credentials” were employed:

  • Sustainable timber
  • Sheep’s wool
  • insulation
  • Wood burning stove
  • Solar powered radio
  • Environmentally friendly paint throughout
  • Wool mattress
  • Natural goose down duvets
  • 2 large solar panels (which provide enough electricity to charge a phone and a laptop and low voltage lighting)

“The Bothy includes an open plan kitchen/ sitting room with wood burning stove and sofa bed. The kitchen is fully equipped with a gas hob, oven and there is a full sized fridge in the shed next door to the Bothy. The bathroom has a shower and toilet, with a separate double bedroom.

As the Bothy is “off grid” there are no power sockets but 2 large solar panels provide 12v electricity to power low voltage lighting and a point to charge a laptop/mobile phone”

You can see more pictures and read about it here, and also don’t forget to check out their amazing Treehouse which they also rent out!


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