Cupboard Beds

Cupboard Beds

I’ve been researching cupboard beds – which are traditional to Ireland and also appear in the architectural history of other countries, too.

We’ve decided on one of these in place of a sleeping loft.
The change from our original plan to have a loft is mainly on financial grounds – as building all on “one level” will simplify our plans somewhat; but also as it’ll be the first little house we’re building for “us” – located in Ireland’s rather chilly North-West tip.
So, it would stand to reason that we’re going to opt for the cosier plan – and what we lose in floorspace by not having the sleeping area overhead, we’ll gain in the storage under the bed and in the little space above the bed, too.

Interestingly, in this selection of photos the top image is located in a Traditional local weaver’s cottage at a museum and family tourist centre about 10 minutes walk from where our wee house will be located!


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