Less Stuff | More Happiness

Thanks to QB over at LetsBuildATinyHouse for posting this video…

I thought I recognised Graham and remembered when the inimitable Kirsten Dirksen met up with him to film his small New York apartment (See that here).

Graham is the man behind Treehugger, and his TedTalk is focussing on simplifying the way in which we live and exist within the space we occupy on the planet. In fact, that is the general ethos behind another of Graham’s ventures – LifeEdited.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy” is the strap-line over on the LifeEdited site, and the articles there range across architecture, tips for living, and innovative products which follow the simpler-way idea.

Granted, Graham can probably better afford to custom-build an apartment to best suit his daily needs, but there are indeed some very important lessons and ideas to take away from his vision.

As he says himself in his TedTalk – life is not supposed to be a “One-Size-Fits-All” kind of existence; but rather there are some choices for doing things a little more efficiently, sustainably and of course simply that can not only benefit you, but ultimately the planet as a whole.

Note – I do acknowledge the irony in saying that one-size doesn’t fit all – certainly as that is the name of the design for Graham’s apartment featured in Kirsten’s above video – designed by two Romanian architecture students! Ha!

Asking, “Do I REALLY need this?” need not only apply to whether or not you should buy a new coat, a bigger fridge or a large house – but can these sorts of questions can also be implemented when considering where, how and why we live the way we do…and

the world could *really* do with more of that!



2 thoughts on “Less Stuff | More Happiness

  1. I ask myself whenever making a purchase… Do I need that? I also try and use what I have. Can I repurpose… Use it for some other purpose… Less sometimes is more! Great post. 🙂

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