The V2 House, Nelson BC

The V2 House

This beauty was made in BC, Canada (as was my beautiful boyfriend..haw haw!) by Nelson Tiny Houses, and I saw it first over on Tiny House Talk.

I really like the airy feel and use of space in this gorgeous wee house; really maximising on light with the double-doors and generous amount of windows. There’s not the usual “Wood Overload” that I find happens all too often in Tiny Houses, too which is an added bonus.

I really think there are some wonderful touches – such as the dividing screen/kitchen table hideaway, the looooong drawers and the huge floor hatch in the living space.

I ADORE the bathroom! the reclaimed tub and sink are just beautiful, though I think I’d definitely have a shower over that tub; and the composting loo is *just* what I’d like were this my own wee house.


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