“And Everything Nice” : Hannah Altman


SPOTLIGHT: “And Everything Nice” by Hannah Altman

Because glitter makes everything better, right? Hannah Altman, a 19-year-old Pittsburgh-based photography student, cleverly uses the metaphor of glitter in her latest photo series titled “And Everything Nice.“

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I really like this photoseries by Pittsburgh, USA student photographer Hannah Altman – a simple and effective look a societal norms, gender and the views/expectations placed on women.

I find this series reminiscent of the odd “blue liquid” present in Tampon/Sanitary Pad media advertisements…prettifying the everyday aspects of life to make them somehow more bearable, more palatable or socially/visually acceptable.

Aside from the social commentary aspect of these images – their aesthetic quality, juxtaposing the private, quiet stillness of the subjects with “razzle-dazzle” smatterings of glitter serve to make these standalone pieces of beautiful art in their own rights.


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