Changing the World with “Thirty Birds Art and Design”

A little blog-based interview I gave little while back to Sarah of “New England Permaculture Homestead” on the topics of sustainability and taking steps in our own small ways to think about the world we live in.

Building a New England Homestead

With winter starting to come to an end, so is my project.  I only have a few more posts to share, so I hope you have all enjoyed this as much as I have.  Also, I am slowly getting my computer running again, so I will be able to post more regularly soon, I hope.

Here is today’s Changing the World blogger, Thirty Birds Art and Design.  Enjoy!

I found you through your blog. What is your blog and/or project about?

“My blog is simply a collection of my artwork, ideas and a few articles I have written/put together …either on the art/jewellery design side of things or on the slow path I’m trying to carve out for myself to a more sustainable and ultimately healthier, happier life for both myself and in terms of the footprint I am leaving on the planet.

I also have a Tumblr where…

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