Tiny House – A Couple & Their Dog Living/Working in the Californian Countryside

Iowa couple pick CA landscape with tiny home-office on wheels

Ah, dearest Kirsten…you’ve done it again!
Always seeking out to intimately share the best examples of tiny/sustainable/simpler living.

If you haven’t already GET OVER to her YouTube Channel and check out the huge library of films she’s made investigating alternative, simpler living across the world.

She does so in each case with an emphasis on clever design, and how we exist within spaces.

This Tiny House – owned and built by Alek & Anjali (find out more on their blog) has some effing gorgeous features! …and is probably up there as one of my favourites…from their excellent sleeping loft with lots of overhead space to their gorgeous lil’ kitchen.

It’s nice to see others’ notebooks full of sketches and ideas too…proof I’m not crazy and there are other obsessive folk out there too!

Since their build completed and they moved to rural California, they’ve also added the fold-down deck that I’ve had in all my own designs, too.

A triumph!


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