Rowan Kunz

Today I came across this Tiny House built by Rowan Kunz…

The similarities in her ethos, approach, impetus and final design are so strikingly similar to my own I was giddy with excitement!

You can read more on her blog and here’s a lovely article about her, too.

Here’s her initial post from her blog setting out her plan and reasons for “Going Tiny”…

“I have long been obsessed with building my own small home on a large piece of property, a dream which has been sidelined by numerous life changes and circumstances. Inspired by the growing tiny house movement I have decided to work backwards, putting the house before the land so to speak, and to build my own home on wheels. This decision has been influenced by the desire to simplify my lifestyle, the adventure of personally creating my own home, lack of desire for a mortgage, and the realization that I am a single 32 year old who has had to move back into my parents’ house to finish grad school, with no real job or financial security. 

That can definitely have you start thinking of alternatives.”
More power to that woman!!

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