Some Recent Art


I thought I’d add some of my recent art.

These were given as a card and framed picture to a dear friend for her birthday recently…and she was seemingly very happy with them which was nice 🙂


I bought a very simple little stamp set and thought it would look rather sweet to add my friend’s name along with the “Happy Birthday” – done at jaunty angles and without any strict uniformity…I was happy for the card imagery to look unpolished and handmade.

The card itself is a collage of a printed bird, different collected papers and some ink and pencil hand-drawings.


The framed image I gave Anneka as her main gift was again a collage of collected papers, drawings in ink, chalk pastel, pencil and felt-tip marker, a monoprint and some found vintage hand-printed wallpaper from the flat here where I live in Brighton.

Unfortunately I have no scanner at the moment – so the image above is a photograph of the piece…although the low-quality doesn’t accurately show the colours nor the details sharply…I must say I quite like the overall effect!

About 3 years ago I found a whole section under the stairs where there were layers and layers of different styles of old wallpaper…considering this building dates back to the 18th Century, It was a beautiful thing to find – and I managed to salvage some sections of it and saved it for some future projects like this.



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