Prague | How to Fall in Love with a City…

Prague, 2011

❤ Take me back to the continent….


I hopped over to Prague in the late autumn of 2011; and not only did I fall in love with it almost instantly…but it re-sparked a love of old European cities that makes me sweaty-palmed and weak at the knees each time I think about them!

I went for a total of 5 nights/4 full days and couldn’t recommend it enough! Strolling around the beautiful city, with it’s gorgeous architecture steeped in heritage is surely a very romantic experience.

Not only did I stumble upon the *best* jazz club I’ve ever crossed the threshold of, which – incidentally sold a delicious range of whiskies (slurp!); the Agharta Jazz Club (see reviews/get directions etc here, too) but the musicians were truly incredible! A jazz group called Noční Optika – which roughly translates as “Night Vision” (or “Night Sight” as they term it).

Here’s a little video I found on youtube of them doing their thing…

If you’re ever in Prague try and catch one of their shows!

I also really enjoyed the Prague Beer Museum (Czech beer is, in my opinion, some of the best in the world! It would rude not to indulge, when there!) The bartender there was a wealth of information, and I do recommend going in the early afternoon, as it is likely to fill up with rather jovial tourists come evening-time.
Plus…emerging slightly tipsy (hic) and exploring the city under a fug of heady beer is even more fun, I found!

Prague is also the home of Kafka and Absinthe…and there are a plethora of museums, bars and cafés on these themes… I always drink my absinthe Bohemian-stylee, and was treated to quite a few samples by the lovely bar-folk of Prague.

All-in-all, if you can manage to avoid the many stag-parties, tour groups and brigades of trundling camera-wielding tourists; can find yourself a lovely cheap deal in a hotel (note: try and get one as central as possible…my hotel was a fair walk into a suburb which was in a rather dog-mess decorated part of town!) – Prague is the perfect city break destination.



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