Gill Rocca

Near to nowhere, Gill Rocca

Oh god these are so beautiful!

Gill states on her website; “The Near to Nowhere Series of small paintings on wood feature anonymous scenes – placeless places, suggestive but hard to locate. Intimate in scale, the painted scenes appear familiar yet have a lingering sense of ambiguity. Always uninhabited, the glow of artificial streetlights, head lights or road markings are the only hint at human presence. I see these elements as traces in the paintings, often disappearing off into the distance, merging again into empty space.”

I also located her work on a nice Art Blog – Faith Is Torment. Site owner’s write-up on Gill’s work says;

“Atmospheric paintings of uninhabited places such as deserted roads or municipal parks bathed in the glow of street lamps, which invites the viewer to relate these places with their own memories. The paintings are drawn from memory and invention and presents an ambiguous sense of reality where the familiar becomes strangely unfamiliar.”

– “My landscape paintings focus upon anonymous, uninhabited scenes, often drawn from memory. I am intrigued by the overlooked, what’s going on in the background, what is briefly glimpsed along the way or can be later recalled.”



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