Care to Share??

3d nebula

I’ve been planning my dream of a low-impact, off grid, self-sufficient life for a few years now; and speaking to some people on the various forums/social media platforms I use…

I was saying how grateful I felt to know that many people in the world are looking to a more sustainable future, and a more “whole” approach to life.

I note that many of the people I follow/who follow me here on Tumblr like the posts of the natural & tiny houses I post…and I wondered if people might like to throw their ideas into the ring? You never know, maybe someone else has the solution to a dream that you hadn’t considered?!

Here’s mine…

  • Form a Co-operative and purchase a plot of land with some other people in my native Ireland
  • Build myself a small sustainable house
  • Establish a shared community garden for produce
  • Raise a few animals (Birds/Goats/Pigs)
  • Plant a Flower Garden
  • Set up my Massage Practice in the Flower Garden

In an ideal world, what would you build? where would you build it? what would make your dreams come true?

Would you have a small holding or homestead? Would you keep some animals? Would you grow food?

So, care to share what your dreams, plans and goals are?



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