Big Green Bus – As seen on George Clarke’s “Amazing Spaces”

I went down to Brighton’s seafront today to have a first-hand look at The Big Green Bus, and have a chat with it’s Daddy; Adam.

This wonderfully renovated former bus from Coventry has been featured on numerous blogs, tv shows and graced the screens of people the world over in recent months, and was featured on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.

It’s really a great testament to Adam’s hard graft – and the result is cosy, bright and playfully fun in it’s modern, fresh decor.



Adam told me the bus is heading off soon to her new permanent home in the Sussex countryside, where she will be hooked up to power and a sewerage system and will host those guests who are itching to spend a long weekend relaxing within her.


After the efforts Adam has put into creating and transforming the bus – it would be nice to see the bus live up to it’s “Big Green” name, and switch to sustainable solar power and perhaps with an ecological solution such as composting for the toilet/greywater wastes. Adam told me about the low-energy LED lighting he has installed – which should be easily powered by a switch to renewable energy.





Check out the website here & have a peep at the Facebook page here.

Congratulations, Adam – and hopefully those who stay in her – will fully enjoy her cosy embrace.


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