Geometry & Scribbles I

Hello all… Sorry it’s been so long. since my last post..!

I decided a couple of months ago to go back to college on a night course studying both Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology for Complementary Therapies & Swedish Body Massage. So this has taken up a good deal of any spare time I have! I should hopefully be more regular with posts soon.

Anyway – I have been playing around with some more mixed media collages – combining some linocut prints and geometric drawings.

Here’s the first one I finished…I hope you like them!


This piece I actually made into a birthday card for a dear friend (Happy Birthday Valeria!)


These were actually made with the test prints of the “Fuchsia Bird” linocut I posted a few weeks ago…


I got one of those geometric drawing thingumys from a local store, like the Spirograph toys I had when I was a kid – THEY’RE.SO.MUCH.FUN!



The detail of the Fuchsia in the grainy printing ink looks quite nice…

I went for a lovely Sunday lunch with the Birthday Girl herself and gave her her card. We ate a delicious meal in the Lion & Lobster (best roast dinner in Brighton, imo…!!) …followed by a walk and a coffee on Brighton beach… A perfect Sunday 🙂

Love, Sarah.x


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