A (Last) Selection O’Earrings…for a while.

This is the last of the bundle of previously-made earrings I found by chance recently…some of the my first loads of stock back when I had my market stall.

They were just very simple wire-work and glass bead drop earrings, but I think they’re suitably Autumn-y and will match the newly changed season.

It’s truly Autumn here in Brighton – as I type this a rain shower is patter-pattering on the roofs outside my window (and kindly watering my plants for me!).

For the second evening this week we have had comforting Shepherd’s Pie for dinner.

Bye Bye Summer – you were *awesome* this year…

…And hello Autumn!


The rusty-tines mixed with green in these glass beads  matches the turning leaves and the dying out summer plants in my little city garden.


The little green accent seed bead at the bottom is a nice finishing touch to these simple little twists. Again – not the best quality images, but these are really just sharing my beginnings in making jewellery.

I’ll be back soon with some newly made pieces soon; so until then…adieu!



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