Origami Crane Mobile

This weekend (after a VERY drunken party of a dear friend) I felt a little worse for wear… so decided that some methodical and repetitive work should help sort me right out…



I have been meaning to make a mobile for above our bed since we moved into this flat in 2010, so decided that this was the weekend to finally do it. I made thirty origami birds from different types of paper (which certainly helped dull my tiredness and hangover!) and made them differing sizes.





Next, I threaded the birds onto some heavy cotton onto a heavy gauge needle; arranging them in strings of one, two and three birds per string.


I found the perfect branch in the garden left over from when I cut back the Fuschia, and made a circle from a piece of wire and covered it in tissue paper…


Our little old rented Victorian terraced flat has a rather crumbling ceiling, unfortunately; so, to hide the unsightly bits, I have pinned soft fabrics, hangings and other ephemera from the ceiling in our bedroom.


I shall enjoy watching these birds slowly circle as I wake in the mornings…



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